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(Lash Extension Training)

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Intro to Lash Extensions

For Professionals

The Intro to Lash Extension class is unique because it offers a wealth of information and resources.  Realistically, it offers Professionals most of the tools they would receive from a full course.  This course was designed to help those interested in learning to Lash decide if it’s right for them, before making a full commitment.  Consider it a prerequisite for Lash Certification.  (Note:  This course is for Licensed Estheticians or Cosmetologist and Students)

Why Not Take A Full Course?
You can. Many courses range from $900 - $2500 and in some cases, you also have to purchase a kit separately, which could run an additional $300 - $750.  Many Professionals are not ready to make the investment or after they’ve invested, they find out Lashing may not be right for them.  Additionally, some students have paid hundreds of dollars with “Brand X” for a course, that only offers 1 day of training and never hear from the trainer again.  This class will also provide you with a directory of reputable companies to consider so that you won’t waist your hard earned dollars on companies that don’t offer continued support.

What Do I Get?
You get a tremendous amount of information, a full lash kit, practice mannequin, a training manual and you’ll learn basic Lashing techniques to help build confidence.   You’ll also receive our continued support and motivation!

This is very inexpensive for what I get, Why?
It’s not about the money, it’s about helping others.   We have witnessed Professionals take expensive courses and never pursue a career in Lashing.  Some have also paid additional fees for follow-up support after training.  Also, many Professionals are not sure if Lashing is something they really want to do but there are no options to “test the waters” before they make the investment.

Will I be able to provide Lash Extensions to clients after this course?
It is not recommended that you apply Lash Extensions to a client after taking this course.  A mannequin is provided to practice with and perfect your skill.   A list of recommended Companies that will certify you will be provided.

I currently provide Lash Extensions to clients, can I take this course as a refresher?
This course is recommended for Professionals that have no previous experience with Lashing.  It is considered a pre-training Course.  This will give beginners a great head start, should they decide to pursue a career in Lashing.

Can I receive continuing education units (CEU) for this course?
In order to keep this this course affordable, we are not offering CEUs at this time.  Typically, a full 2-day course would provide 10 hours of CEUs and would be more expensive.